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Cuteness Overload @ London Fashion Week!

Don't know about you, but for me, this has become one of the most awaited events of the whole year. 

I'm an 'irrecoverable' fashion addict, so I'm commonly looking forward to all the fashion shows, parties or celebrations, but the London Fashion Week gives me a sense of elation, elegance and brilliancy more than any other such event. The British style is amazing. UK is so lucky to have a lot of unbelievable fashion designers, who are able to do whatever, but not fail (how would that be?). London itself is a complete source of inspiration and singleness.

"If you're looking for one place where fashion's on a high of celebratory confidence for the future, come to London." - Sarah Mowle (writer)

I loved everything that has been shown and happening during this fall's Fashion Week in London. It has seriously been a 'one-in-a-lifetime' opportunity, especially with the celebration of 25 years of 'London Fashion Week'. From Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Kane to Burberry Prorsom, everything dazzled. And so did the guests.:)

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Friends Only!

I decided to set this journal 'Friends Only', just in order to prevent the spaming or nerve racking / useless comments on my further updates. Looking for my graphics? Take a close look over lovettdream! And you can join, of course.

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